Powertech Industrial Sales, Inc.

Our company's vision is to be a part of the global demands on different applications of water to meet the customer's needs. As authorized/exclusive distributor, we import various pump products and industrial motors with our prime objective to channel the proper selection/application to our clients in terms of electro-mechanical technology.

We are engaged in the supply/distribution, sales, installation, servicing and assembly of these products which are manufactured as per design from our leading foreign manufacturers in U. S. and Denmark. The working force employed by the company from the sales staff to servicing staff are highly skilled and continuously trained to adapt the innovations of the technology.

We are now more than 8 years to date (SEC Registered January 3, 2000) in this business and continuously expanding our coverage area from Luzon (Metro Manila) to Visayas region (on-going implementation) and to the Mindanao Region as per customer's demand. As part of our expansion program, we are accepting applicants to qualify the sales and service requirements – preferably engineering graduates (with or without experience), vocational graduates related to electrical know-how.

Services we provide:

  1. Installation
  2. Commissioning
  3. Testing
  4. Trouble Shooting
  5. Repair all the products that we offer
  6. Preventive Maintenance Program