Circuit Sentry Cartridge

  • Bell & Gossett
    Circuit Sentry™ Cartridge

    The Circuit Sentry automatically helps ensure that all circuits receive their design flow. This is achieved by selecting the correct overall flow, and limiting the flow into each circuit so that one circuit will not take flow from others in the system. If the improper flow is caused by a change in pump speed, two- or three-way valves, or because hydronic balance was never achieved, the Circuit Sentry will work to provide the design flow when installed.

    The unique cartridge design demands that all flow pass through the control
    orifice giving complete and accurate flow control ±5%.

    The Circuit Sentry Cartridge never seats, leaving the pressure control element
    partially open at all times to provide for clog-free operation.

    The cartridge’s unique rolling seal ensures that no flow passes between its
    moving elements, thus eliminating noise and unstable operation.

    The Balancing Agent can often adjust the flow rate of the fluid by simply
    changing the cartridge's orifice.