Hydronic Specialties

  • Bell & Gossett
    B&G Thermoflo® Balancer

    A device for instant visual balancing of hot or cold water flows. With a B&G Thermoflo balancer installed in each circuit or zone, the entire system can be quickly balanced to meet original design calculation. No. TB-3/4"- Capacity 1 to 5 GPM. No. TB-1"- Capacity 2 to 10 GPM. 125 P.S.I.G. Working Pressure-250°F Maximum Operating Temperature.

  • Bell & Gossett
    DT-2 Drain-O-Tank® Air Charger

    The Drain-O-Tank Air Charger offers a sure, quick way to recharge a water-logged compression tank. 125 P.S.I.G. Working Pressure - 240°F Maximum Operating Temperature.

  • Bell & Gossett
    Model No. 107A High Capacity Air Vent

    A rugged High Capacity Air Vent designed to purge free air from liquid systems at operating pressures up to 150 psig. The Model 107A Air Vent has a cast iron body and bonnet, with stainless steel, brass and EPDM internal components and is suitable for a maximum operating temperature of 250°F. The Air Vent has a 3/4" NPT inlet and 3/8" NPT outlet.

  • Bell & Gossett
    No. 17 SR Automatic Hot Water Air Valves

    No. 17 Sr. Valve is a deluxe, hygroscopic air valve. 1/8" N.P.T. connection. 30 P.S.I.G. Working Pressure - 225°F Maximum Operating Temperature.

  • Bell & Gossett
    No. 26 Vacuum Breaker

    Designed to protect closed vessels and piping systems against collapse when the induced vacuum exceeds design conditions. When used on steam heating systems, the No. 26 Vacuum Breaker controls induced vacuum, permitting normal return of condensate to the boiler. Adjustable range 1/4" to 20" (mercury) vacuum. Factory set to 4" - 150 P.S.I.G. Maximum Working Pressure - 300°F Maximum Operating Temperature.

  • Bell & Gossett
    No. 4V "Coin-Operated" Air Vent

    This vent is specially designed for the new types of radiators. An important feature is that it projects only slightly, being almost flush with the radiator. 150 P.S.I.G. Working Pressure-250°F Maximum Operating Temperature.

  • Bell & Gossett
    No. 87, 67 and 7 Automatic Air Vents

    These are designed to vent the accumulation of troublesome air wherever it can be trapped. These non-ferrous automatic air vents are 4-3/4" x 2-1/4", 3-3/16" x 1-1/2" and 4-1/16" x 2-3/16" (height and width), respectively, and are rated for a maximum operating temperature of 240°F at pressures of 150, 35 and 75 PSI, respectively. The No. 87 has a combination of 1/2" FPT/3/4" MPT connection, whereas No's. 67 and 7 have 1/8" MPT, and FPT connections, respectively.

  • Bell & Gossett
    No. 97 Automatic Air Vent

    This is a float type vent designed to vent troublesome air from hydronic heating systems. The brass body and the non-ferous internals provide years of reliable service. The compact design (3-1/8" x 1-7/8") and high operating pressure/temperature (240°F @ 150 P.S.I.G.) limitations make the No. 97 a must in any hydronic heating system.

  • RV-125A Readout Valve and RP-250B Readout Probe

    The RV-125A is designed for use wherever pressure tappings are required to monitor flow or pressures. The Readout Valve is fitted with an EPT insert which incorporates a unique check valve feature designed to check flow when the Readout Valve is not being used to monitor flow. Use companion RP-250B Readout Probes with the RV-125A Readout Valve. 300 P.S.I.G. Working Pressure-250°F Maximum Operating Temperature.