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    Unilift CC, KP, AP12, AP35|50, AP35B|50B
    Unilift CC, KP, AP12, AP35|50, AP35B|50B

    Submersible drainage and effluent pumps

    Technical Data

    Flow, Q: max. 35 m³/h
    Head, H: max 16 m
    Liquid temp.: 0°C to +55°C
    Particle size: max. ø50 mm

    The pumps are suitable for:

    • Drainage of flooded cellars
    • Pumping of household waste water
    • Groundwater lowering
    • Emptying of swimming pools and excavations
    • Drainage of drain wells
    • Emptying of tanks and reservoirs

    Features and Benefits

    • Simple installation
    • Service and maintenance-free


    • Unilift CC is suitable for low suction
    • Unilift AP35/50 and AP35B/50B has vortex impeller
    • Unilift AP35B and AP50B has auto-coupling and horizontal outlet.