Circuit Sentry

  • Bell & Gossett
    Circuit Sentry™ Automatic Flow Limiting Valve

    The Bell & Gossett Circuit Sentry‚ is a calibrated automatic flow limiting valve with a precision machined ball type shutoff valve, and commissioning measurement ports. The valve is designed for flow limiting-style balancing of both HVAC cooling and heating circuits; the valve is not for use in potable water systems. The use of the flow cartridge facilitates easy flushing of the piping upon commissioning the system.

    The integral automatic flow rate cartridge maintains the flow rate in the controlled circuit. The optimum flow rate is maintained at a constant level even under fluctuating pressure conditions from as little as 2 PSI to as much as 60 PSI of differential pressure.

    In a properly designed system the valve automatically ensures system balance, regardless of changing pressure conditions normally associated with variable speed pumping. Integral P/T-ports for needle system and/or drain are available as options, as are a variety of end connections on valves from 1/2" to 2 1/2" in size, with either female NPT or sweat fixed ends, and a union end with sweat, female NPT or male NPT. Valves are normally equipped with 1" long capped readout ports fitted with internal check valves.