Series PL

  • Bell & Gossett
    Series PL

    Maximum working pressure - 150 psi (10.3 bar)
    Maximum operating temperature - 225°F (107°C)

    1. B&G's powerful, dry-motor design delivers exceptional performance...25% more efficient than competition.
    2. Precision-machined and balanced alloy steel rotor for superior performance.
    3. Quick-connect wire nut leads and dual knockouts make for fast, sure hook-ups.
    4. Solid "Stiff-Shaft" design is constructed of high-strength alloy steel impervious to cracking caused by thermal stresses.
    5. 5 XL-11™ Precision-Crafted Bearing permanently oil lubricated...completely maintenance free...precisely positioned for long-life and isolated for quiet operation.
    6. Advanced close-coupled design increases pump life and efficiency, assures dependable seasonal start-ups and can easily handle difficult water conditions.
    7. Tough, durable seal system features a carbon/silicon carbide seal on a stainless steel shaft sleeve for long life and rugged operation.
    8. Double sided I-Seal™ design for optimum efficiency.