• Franklin Electric
    Submersible Motors Super Stainless
    Submersible Motors Super Stainless


    These motors are built for dependable operation in 4" diameter or larger water wells.

    Basic Features

    • Corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel Exterior
    • Stainless Steel Splined Shaft
    • Hermetically-sealed Windings
    • Anti-track Self-healing Resin System
    • Filter Check Valve
    • Water Lubrication
    • Kingsbury-type Thrust Bearing
    • Pressure-equalizing Diaphragm
    • Built-in Lightning Arrestors (All Single-phase; 200 & 230 V Three-Phase)
    • Removable Water Bloc Lead
    • Franklin-manufactured Control Boxes Available for Single-Phase Motors
    • UL 778 Recognized (North American Voltages)
    • CSA Certified
    • ANSI/NSF 61 Certified
    • Industry Standard NEMA Mounting Dimensions

    Special Features

    • No flow inducer sleeve required in water up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius) for motors through 2 HP.
    • Two-wire motors are split-phase design with integral starting components and do not require a control box. They feature Franklin's patented 2-wire BIAC starting switch which provides Reverse Impact Torque to aid starting in adverse environments and prevents extreme fast cycling (e.g. water logged tank)
    • Three-wire motors through 1 Hp use Franklin's exclusive 3-wire QD (Quick Disconnect) Control Box with the patented QD Relay. This relay provides the ultimate in operational life.
    • Single-phase motors can be used with Pumptec products to protect against dry-run and other installation conditions that can damage motors and/or pumps. See Single-phase Protection Devices for details.

    Constant Pressure Options

    • Use Franklin's MonoDrive controller with 1 1/2 HP three-wire single-phase motors to provide constant water pressure.
    • Three-phase motors can be used with SubDrive controllers to provide constant water pressure.

    Pollution Recovery Option

    • Pollution Recovery motors are equipped for use in monitoring and recovery wells in which hydrocarbons and other chemicals may be present.
    • Special Viton® rubber parts and other chemical resistant materials as listed in Construction Materials chart.