Circuit Setter "RF"

  • Bell & Gossett
    Circuit SetterĀ® "RF"

    The CIRCUIT SETTER Model RF calibrated balance valve is designed specifically for pre-set or proportional system balance for use with terminal and fan coil units. This system balance method, developed by B&G, assures optimum system flow balance at minimum pump operating horse power. Terminal Unit balance valves can be simply pre-set using the B&G Circuit Setter Model RF Curves and the system piping plan. With this procedure, system balance and start-up time is reduced dramatically. Pump impeller trim after system balance will reduce system horsepower and operating costs to minimum levels.

    Design and Construction
    All valve to be of bronze body/brass ball construction with glass and carbon filled TFE seat rings. Valves to have differential pressure read-out ports across valve seat area. Read-out ports to be fitted with internal EPT inserts and check valves. Valve bodies to have 1/4" NPT tapped drain/purge port. Valves to have memory stop feature to allow valve to be closed for service and then reopened to set point without disturbing balance position. All valves to have calibrated nameplates to assure specific valve settings. Valve to be leak-tight at full rated working pressure.

    RF-1/2S 117410 SWEAT 200 psig @250°F
    RF-3/4S 117411 300 psig @200°F