Oil Lubricated Circulators Three-Piece

  • Bell & Gossett
    Oil Lubricated Circulators Three-Piece

    Maximum working pressure - 125 psi (8.6 bar)
    Maximum operating temperature:
    Standard Seal - 225°F (107°C) continuous
    Special Seals - 250°F (121°C) continuous

    1. B&G Motor - The heart of the Booster. The finest circulator motor available. Sleeve bearing, oil lubricated with replaceable resilient motormounts. B&G motors are designed and manufactured specifically for the B&G boosters.
    2. Noise dampening coupler. B&G's own flexible spring design adds to quiet operation. Do not accept a substitute.
    3. Long bronze sleeve bearings maintain exact shaft alignment. Provides for constant circulation of oil over bearing surfaces.
    4. Precision ground pump shaft is oversized to provide large bearing surfaces. Hardened integral thrust collar minimizes end-thrust to ensure long seal and bearing life.
    5. The B&G mechanical seal is designed to withstand the wide range of water temperatures, pressures, additives and dissolved solids common in hydronic systems.
    6. Centrifugal impeller prevents accumulation of air at seal faces to assure long life. Close impeller/body tolerances minimize water slippage and maximize efficiency.