Booster System | Factory Assembled Constant Pressure

  • Bell & Gossett
    Pressure Booster
    70M Pressure Booster70E Pressure Booster

    Solid State Control Panel

    • Exclusive Microprocessor with EPROM design
    • Internal Diagnostics
    • Differential Temperature No Flow Shut Down
    • Automatic or Manual Operation
    • NEMA 1 Enclosure
    • UL listed
    • CSA Certified
    • Exclusive Analog Inputs with up to 575V protection and sacrificial components
    • IEC Magnetic Starters with Integral Overload Protection

    User-Friendly Operator Interface

    • User Selectable Pump Staging Methods:
      - kW (True Power)
      - Amps (RMS)
      - Flow (GPM) (flow sensor required)
      - Pressure (PSI)
    • Multi-fault Memory and Recall
    • On-Screen Help Function
    • On-line Diagnostics
    • High and Low Suction Pressure Alarms
    • High and Low System Pressure Alarms
    • Audio Visual Alarm with Push to Silence
    • High Temperature Alarm
    • Overload Failure Alarm
    • Manual or Automatic Alteration
    • kW and Amp Transducer with On-Board Calibration
    • Elapsed Time Meters
    • Suction and Discharge Pressure Displays
    • Virtual H-O-A Switches

    Energy Management System Interface

    • Remote Pump Run Indication
    • Remote Start/Stop
    • Remote Alarm Indication

    Factory Assembled Pressure Booster System

    • Bell & Gossett Series 1531 Pumps
    • All Copper Piping
    • Cla-Val Pressure Reducing Valves
    • Thermal Relief Header
    • Pump/PRV Isolation Valves

    Optional Features

    • NEMA 4 or 12 Enclosure
    • Low Level Cutout with Alarm (used when drawing from a tank)
    • Seven Day Time Clock (for programmed start/stop of system)
    • Differential Pressure Switches (for pump failure indication)
    • Flow Meter (for staging to flow or for gpm display)
    • NEMA Starters
    • Short Circuit Protection for Each Pump
      - Fuses
      - Circuit Breakers